Custom collab boxes

Collaborate with me and we can create your dream one of a kind pieces handmade right here in NZ. 
I will only take a limited number of collab boxes each month. Collab boxes will become available first WEDNESDAY of each month.


step 1 - PRE CONSULT - DM or email me inspiration pictures of the style and outfits you are wanting and I can indicate if your ideas are doable for the box you are wanting to pick etc. 
step 2 - Pick your collaboration box option & add to cart
step 3 - I will get in touch so we can start collaborating on your box and discussing  further. I will design garments according to your inspiration and ask your approval before proceeding on the final. You will be kept in the loop for each step of the creating process.
step 4 - Items will take anything up to 3 - 8 weeks to complete
step 5 - Order shipped! 
- The value of the items in your collab boxes will always be greater than the price you pay