Care guide


RO clothing care guide


- All of my garments are pre washed to minimise shrinking in clothing but a tiny bit of shrinking may occur through wash and wear 


- RO printed cotton will fade slightly with lots of washes, make sure to hand wash all RO printed fabrics with cool water and leave in a cool dark place to dry. Iron on a low heat inside out.

PS: tiny white spots may appear on RO printed cotton fabric this is perfectly normal and mostly un-noticeable. This is due to printing on natural fibres such as cotton these are not noticeable and will not get worse with wear


- Linen fabrics will wear, but linen is a strong fibre and is very breathable, Iron on a low to medium heat inside out. prefer hand-washing, but can wash on a cold gentle machine cycle. Coloured linens may fade slightly with heaps of washing. Linen gets softer and more luxurious with wear 


- Cotton fabrics are light airy and breathable, all cotton is pre-washed, but due to cotton nature it will shrink slightly with heaps of washing. Such a great fabric and is durable. Iron on a low-medium heat inside out. Hand-washing is preferred but can go in a cold gentle machine cycle. Coloured cotton may fade slightly with heaps of washing. 


- Fabrics such as satin, silk, lace, mesh and some rayons are delicate and need to be handled with care around sharp objects, nails or jewellery to prevent snagging or holes. They also may have water staining. If this is the case all you have to do is soak the whole garment and leave it out to dry.


Email me for care instructions on other fabrics or any additional questions you may have -